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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Bear Cubs continue to win in Big 8, beat ARC 89-49

Taylor Iacopi drives

SRJC 83, American River College 49

            On Tuesday the Bear Cubs (22-2, 11-1) made their final Big 8 Conference trip to the Sacramento area to play the Beavers (8-15, 6-7) of American River College. Ashleigh Barr scored the first two points of the contest off of a baseline inbounds pass from Ciarah Michalik. Sixteen seconds later Jorie Keitges drained a 3-pointer to give the Beavers their only lead of the game. The Bear Cubs scored the next four points on Lowenberg's 15-footer and Michalik's fast break layup. Aries Younger sank a low post shot, and then Lowenberg was successful on a drive past three defenders. Tamai Mancuso's 3-pointer tied the game at 8-8 with 4:51 on the clock. The Bear Cubs made seven out of their last nine shots in the quarter—Barr's cut and 1-footer, one 3-pointer each by Lanie Lincoln, Lowenberg, and Alex Ditizio, Rose Nevin's putback, Sheriene Arikat's 16-footer, and her layup off of Lincoln's steal and assist—to jump out to a 25-12 lead.

            Lanie Lincoln swished a 3-pointer 18 seconds into the second quarter. Over a minute later Tamai Mancuso scored a field goal. The Bear Cubs tallied the next six points on two free throws by Meredith Gilbertson, her reverse layup off of Ashleigh Barr's assist from the high post, and Barr's drive and one-handed release from six feet out. After Jorie Keitges hit her third 3-pointer, the Bear Cubs went on a 13-0 run, which included Lucca Lowenberg's 3-pointer, Barr's 8-footer, two 3-pointers in a row by Lincoln, and Lowenberg's steal and layup, for a 47-17 advantage with 3:35 left. The Beavers added four more points on two free throws by Keitges and a basket by Younger, making the Bear Cubs' lead 47-21 by halftime.

            The Bear Cubs made their first three shots of the third quarter—Ashleigh Barr's 3-footer off of Meredith Gilbertson's assist, Barr's 1-footer off of Lanie Lincoln's lob pass, and Lucca Lowenberg's drive—while Younger made two consecutive field goals. Keitges scored a field goal and Younger a 3-point play on a shot next to the basket with 7:08 on the clock. Lucca Lowenberg was successful on a drive, drew a foul, and made the and-one free throw. Keitges drained her fourth 3-pointer, and then Lanie Lincoln dropped in her fifth. Keitges made a 2-pointer, and Lanie Lincoln answered with her sixth 3-pointer at the 4:12 mark. After Younger made one free throw with 2:49 left, Alex Ditizio sank a long shot from beyond the arc about a minute later. The Beavers tallied the final six points of the quarter to put their deficit at 42-65.

            Ciarah Michalik took the first shot of the fourth quarter and swished the 3-pointer. Lucca Lowenberg was fouled on a shot near the hoop and made one free throw. Adia Williams put in a shot from inside the key at the 8:44 mark. The Bear Cubs scored the next five points on Ciarah Michalik's full-court drive, two free throws by Lowenberg, and one free throw by Alex Ditizio with 7:29 on the clock. After two scoreless minutes Williams went back to the free throw line and made both. Rose Nevin scored on a successful screen-and-roll play with Lanie Lincoln, and Sheriene Arikat flipped in a reverse layup off of Michalik's assist. Tamai Mancuso put in the Beavers' final field goal with 2:39 remaining. The Bear Cubs finished up with Nevin's cut and assist from Arikat and Ditizio's 3-pointer to cap their 83-49 victory.

            Except for the third quarter, during which the Beavers outscored the Bear Cubs 21-18, the Bear Cubs' defensive pressure kept their opponents from getting open shot attempts. Overall the Beavers made 17 out of 44 shots (39%) while the Bear Cubs made 32 out of 67 (48%), including 12 out of 24 (50%) from 3-point range. Five Beavers scored, while three reached double figures: Jorie Keitges with 18, Aries Younger 13, and Tamai Mancuso 12.

            Lucca Lowenberg only sank two 3-pointers, but she made all five of her field goal attempts and four out of five free throws to total 20 points. Lanie Lincoln took eight shots from beyond the arc and made six of them for 18 points. Ashleigh Barr missed a double-double by one rebound, as she scored 12 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. Alex Ditizio made three out of four 3-pointers and finished with 10 points. Ciarah Michalik added 7 points, Sheriene Arikat and Rose Nevin 6 each, and Meredith Gilbertson 4. Meredith Gilbertson also pulled down 9 rebounds and Sheriene Arikat 8. Lanie Lincoln passed for 5 assists and Ciarah Michalik 4. Ashleigh Barr blocked 4 shots