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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Academic Counseling for Student Athletes

ATHLETIC ACADEMIC COUNSELORS:  Location: Bertolini, Counseling Department, 2nd Floor

Filomena Avila

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

Men’s and Women’s Track and Field

Men’s and Women’s Swim & Dive

Men’s and Women’s Soccer

Women’s Volleyball

Men’s and Women’s Water Polo


Robert Tuico

Women’s Softball

Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Men’s Baseball

Men’s Wrestling


John Daly

Men’s Basketball

Women's Basketball

Men’s Football

□      Contact your designated sport coach:

□      Apply to Santa Rosa Junior College 

□      Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships:

□      Verify your English and Math placement results in your Student Portal by clicking on the Admissions & Registration box and then select Placement Results.

  • If you do not see your English and Math Placements, please make sure to bring this up when you meet with an Athletic Counselor.

□      Complete the online orientation

□    Meet with an Athletic Counselor to create an educational plan.

Important NCAA Transfer Information

  1. NCAA Eligibility Center (otherwise known as the Eligibility Clearing House)
    1. If you have goals of transferring and competing at an NCAA Division I or Division II institution, it is vital that you determine whether you are a qualifier or nonqualifier, which is based on your high school academic record.
    2. Qualifiers and Nonqualifiers follow a different set of transfer rules. You MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at to officially make this determination.
    3. Have high school official transcripts and SAT/ACT scores sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center.