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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Promoting and Supporting Student Athlete Success (PASSS)

An Advisory Group of the Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance (KAD) Department

PASSS Contacts: 


The mission of PASSS is to promote and support student-athlete success by enhancing the learning, health and engagement of our student-athletes. 


In 2012, SRJC was awarded a Bringing Theory to Practice grant by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. This grant funded a multi-disciplinary collaborative seminar developed to identify the needs of student-athletes at Santa Rosa Junior College in the areas of academic success and engaged learning, civic engagement, and mental and physical health, and to create a focused plan that supported these identified needs. The seminar was resoundingly successful, and participants committed to continuing to work together toward meeting the goals developed at the seminar. The model for this seminar was presented by SRJC faculty at the International Conference on Sport in Society in Chicago in 2013. 

PASSS Participants

The ongoing success of the PASSS Advisory Group is predicated upon the collaborative approach by a cross section of faculty, staff, administrators and student-athletes. PASSS participants represent the following areas:

  • Athletics
  • Admissions and Records
  • Financial Aid
  • Counseling
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Disability Resources
  • Library Sciences
  • Sports Medicine
  • STEM
  • Student Health Services
  • Student Affairs
  • Student-athletes

Meeting Schedule

PASSS meets Friday mornings 8-9-45am, 2-3 times per semester.

Short-term Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive and sustainable orientation program for student-athletes.
  • Increase faculty and staff awareness of best practices in promoting student-athlete academic success (e.g., PDA Day presentation).
  • Enhance access to tutorial services for student-athletes.
  • Develop mental health outreach services for student-athletes.
  • Increase student-athlete utilization of Disability Resources Department (DRD) with greater proportionality of disability incidence to DRD participation rates. 
  • Revise student-athlete handbook.
  • Implement system for group e-mailing of student-athletes.
  • Identify additional data collection/tracking needs to monitor student-success.

Long-term Goals

  • Increase opportunities for student-athlete civic engagement.
  • Implement student-athlete priority registration.
  • Revise Coaches’ Handbook.
  • Create student-athlete success center
  • Increase student-athlete persistence and transfer rates.
  • Explore curriculum development: learning communities; orientation – Counseling 270 review.


  • Supported comprehensive student-athlete orientation program developed and under review for implementation Summer 2014.
  • Submitted PDA proposal titled, “Bringing out the “Student” in “Student-Athlete”: Supporting the Unique Needs and Strengths of the SRJC Student-athlete.”
  • Facilitated DRD specialist conducting outreach at all student-athlete baseline testing sessions.
  • Supported and collaborated with head football coach in Implementation of pilot program with football team, incorporating use of monthly calendar, time management and study strategies workshops, weekly study hall and utilization of tutorial services.
  • Supported “Academic Advising for Student-athletes” web-page developed.
  • Initiated consolidation of SRJC tutorial services flyer developed and disseminated to 2013/14 student-athletes.
  • Supported student-athlete welcome barbeque Fall 2013.
  • Supported team meetings with academic counselor.
  • Supported Health pamphlets in Athletic Training Room.
  • Supported Student Health Services outreach at health screenings, including Affordable Care Act.