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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Volleyball: SRJC Competed in Their First Ever Sand Volleyball Tournament in San Diego

Mission Beach San Diego, SRJC competed at Grossmont College
Mission Beach San Diego, SRJC competed at Grossmont College

SRJC Women's Volleyball sprung into spring full speed ahead! The team traveled to San Diego California just before spring break to play in the school's very first sand volleyball tournament, and non-traditional indoor tournament. SRJC faced off against Grossmont and San Diego Mesa Colleges, in both sand and indoor play. Being from southern California, these teams are used to hitting the beach, and utilizing their own sand courts in the off-season, so the Bear Cubs had their work cut out for them.

The weekend was about making history and starting new traditions for the SRJC Volleyball program. Coach Ferguson wanted the "best effort and positive attitude" from her players throughout the experience, as no other group can claim to be the first to have such an excellent opportunity at SRJC. With only a couple of months of practice on off-campus courts, SRJC was up against teams who have the ability to practice daily. However, the Bear Cubs fought well in each of their matches as pairs Tori Garzoli with Emily Bonfigli and Mimi Fowler with Paula Clarey, played great matches on the sand that went 19-21, and 20-22, during some of their sets. Although they came up short, this is an incredible achievement against more experienced teams, which shows that playing with heart and having fun with the game they love, can push players to great accomplishments.

After sand play the teams headed to the gymnasium for some indoor scrimmaging. The Bear Cubs played three tight sets against Grossmont College who took second in state this past season, and eventually came up a little shy in the third set 24-26. Then SRJC faced San Diego Mesa College and defeated the Olympians, which was an exciting feat for the Cubs.

This spring semester has been an inspiring time for SRJC Volleyball with the start of this Sand Volleyball Club team. The team is enjoying a new way of training and utilizing their bodies, which helps them make greater improvements for their athleticism when they hit the indoor court in August. There are great hopes for growing the program and making more exciting opportunities for fans to enjoy.