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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

SRJC Women's Soccer sophomore commitments

Lexi Martinez signs with Dominican University.
Lexi Martinez - Dominican University

The SRJC Women's Soccer program is excited to announce their sophomore commitments to 4-year colleges. The program will transfer four sophomores on scholarship with five others still in the process of finding their next journey (Janelle Schwartz, Bailey Cahill, Nikki Elliott, Kaitlyn Haub, and Pricilla Villalobos). 

Those who have committed are:

We are extremely proud of our sophomores and wish them all the luck and success at the next level. They have all been a big part of our program and are excited to see what the future holds for them. Once a Bear Cub, always a Bear Cub!

Kaleith Alves, Humboldt State  

Kaleigh Alves, Humboldt State

Megan Stavish, Stanislaus State

Megan Stavish, Stanislaus State