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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Save the Date - Polenta Feed Fundraiser Saturday, February 8th

polenta feed Feb. 8

All Bear Cub athletes, coaches, and boosters invite YOU to share a fun family-style dinner on Saturday, February 8th to support 17 sports and 500 student-athletes.  Helping our very own full-time JC students and their athletic competition is so worthwhile, but if you need more motivation, think salad, wine, hot-homemade polenta with Italian sauce, ice-cream, music and prizes.  See you there!

Tickets are $30 at or call Brian Marvin at 707-364-0051 for more information. We will try to end the event by 8pm so it won't be a late night (all ages welcome).  If you already have other plans please use the link to make a donation. 

Your generosity will help support all our Bear Cub athletes, women and men, with meals, uniforms, and recognition!